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שושקי לוגו-01.png

Can you find Shoshke in 60 seconds?

An interactive Virtual Reality game, created in order to conceptually explore 360-degree photography.

Find an item that belongs to Shoshke! In each level of the new central station ​in Tel Aviv, Shoshke left an item, can you find it under a minute? 
Place the pink circle on the item and click in order to move on to the next one.


Art Direction and concept, as well as the studio photography was a mutual work of Laure and myself.
A-Frame.js Library was used intentionally to make the game accessible from all platform while maintaining the VR option for the game. 

First Year Photography Course

Online VR Game

Collab. with Laure Schemama

Starring Shoshke (Ze’ev) Engelmayer


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