Traveling off the radar.

Hidden world is a platform for those who want to travel different, to discover ghosts, mystery and other strange things in our world.

Interactive course, collab. with Noa Peled

Bezalel Academy of the Art and Design , 2018.

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custom – 13.png

We built a menu to enable easy navigation between features: Map, Discover, Favourites and Shop.

We helped the user to dig into our platform easily by dividing the content of our service into five categories.​

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Every Place has its own page, rank, option to add it to the map, information about the place including Important things to know, how to get to the unique place easily, and reviews. 

We wanted to offer group connection opportunities because sometimes it is not so safe to travel alone...

Here are some videos of the main features in our site:

Navigate + add a place that you like to your map, explore your Favourite places

or buy unique Items for your travels.